Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Italian school holiday programme for children, 7th-10th July, lunch included

Cari genitori,

Benvenuti al programma per le vacanze di luglio per i vostri bambini.
Vorremmo far diventare questi incontri degli appuntamenti regolari durante le vacanze scolastiche, stabilendo le date con anticipo.
E` una nuova proposta che risponde alle esigenze delle famiglie di mantenere la lingua e la cultura italiana ma che trovano difficolta` a far frequentare ai bambini la Dante durante l’anno scolastico, a causa del traffico, delle distanze di Auckland e delle numerose attivita` extrascolastiche.
Il Corso si svolgera` in 4 giorni, dalle 8.30 all’1.30 (o fino alle 3.30 per chi ne avesse bisogno) con pranzo incluso.
E` importante per noi ricevere un vostro riscontro  e vi preghiamo di girare l’e-mail ad amici e conoscenti italiani.
Grazie e a presto

La Cenerentola di Rossini for Dante Auckland members

Dear Members,

Once again you are able to book tickets through us if you wish to go to the opera with 10% discount and no booking fee(usually $8 per booking).
This wonderful production of La Cenerentola will be showing in Auckland at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre on:

Saturday 30 May
Wednesday 3 June
Friday 5 June

Or 1 matinee:
Sunday 7 June, 2.30pm.

Ticket categories are:
C-Res $49.50 (no discount applies for this category but you won’t pay the booking fee if you book with us)

10% discount applies to the following categories:
B-Res $74.50
A-Res $98.50
Silver $124.50
Gold $148.50
Premium $189.50

If you wish to benefit from this offer, all you have to do is email Valeria at info@dante.org.nz.
Please make sure you specify the category, the number of tickets and the performance date of your choice.
Payment will be due only after Valeria collects the tickets. You will be informed by email when this is done.

Deadline: Thursday28th of May, 1pm.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Italian Foodies at Ponsonby Central

From 25th to 31st of MAY get started with your ITALIAN AFFAIR

Just for this week, and only at PONSONBY CENTRAL

136/146 Ponsonby Rd
Auckland 1011
Come along and taste Italian Foodies' products for a unique experience that will delight you.
Present your Dante membership card with any purchase to receive a 10% discount.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Third film of the Embassy of Italy Film Series: Tutti i santi giorni/Every Blessed Day

Third film of the Embassy of Italy Film Series: FREE!!!
May 22, 6 pm, University of Auckland Arts 1 Building, Level 2, Room 220.
Tutti i santi giorni/Every Blessed Day (Paolo Virzi) (2013, 101 minutes)
(In Italian with English subtitles)
Virzi's intimate romantic comedy about Antonia and Guido, a strangely matched couple madly in love. The film through its nuanced, well grounded characters, tells the story of their painful ordeal. Antonia is a strong willed, volatile musician from Sicily (and responsible for the film’s soundtrack); Guido is a bookish, gentle ancient language expert from Toscana. They want to have a child and are willing to try almost anything, including a treatment that involves chanting barefoot on the snow and a visit to the pope’s gynecologist. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Today the EXPO 2015 opens in Milan

On 1 May, the Universal Exposition 2015 opens its doors to the public in the host city of Milan. A live concert by Andrea Boccelli on 30 April marked the opening. 

The area occupied by the Expo 2015 site is located about 15 km (about 10 miles) northwest of Milan and is organised into five thematic pavilions. 148 countries and many international corporations are contributing exhibits to the Expo.

The theme chosen for the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. This embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions and creativity and how they relate to food and diet. Expo 2015 will further develop themes introduced in earlier Expos in the light of new global scenarios and emerging issues, with a principal focus on the right to healthy, secure and sufficient food for all the world’s inhabitants.

Official site EXPO 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Me ne Frego! Second Film of the Embassy of Italy Film Series - 1 May 2015

Second film of  the Embassy of Italy Film Series: FREE!!!
May 1, 6 pm, University of Auckland Arts 1 Building, Level 2, Room 220.
Me ne frego!  (Vanni Gandolfi) (2014, 58 minutes) 
(In Italian with English subtitles)
 Me ne frego! recounts  a little known experiment in Italian history: the Fascist regime's attempt to create a new Italian language in line with the regime's ideology. This film exposes Mussolini's language, its neologisms, the indoctrination  of school children, the anti-LEI exhibiton, the birth of the dubbing industry and the repression of diversity that is the story of this failed campaign to create a new language. An informative, lively and ironic documentary based on archival images and videos. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

And the winner is….

The winner of the book by Nicky Pellegrino One Summer in Venice by Nicky Pellegrino is Gama! Congratulations!

And remember that you can meeet the author:

TIME: 6.00 – 7.00PM

Light refreshments provided. Free event but bookings are essential. Books will be available courtesy of Paper Plus.
Please RSVP: At Leys Institute Library or phone 09 374 1315

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Win a copy of One Summer in Venice by Nicky Pellegrino

This competition is now close, but you can still win a copy of the book here, just leave a comment by 30 April.

Meet the author:

TIME: 6.00 – 7.00PM

Light refreshments provided. Free event but bookings are essential. Books will be available courtesy of Paper Plus.
Please RSVP: At Leys Institute Library or phone 09 374 1315

Dante Auckland's newsletter editor Stefania Perrotta interviews Nicky Pellegrino: 

           How “Italian” do you feel? Which parts of your personality, character and tastes (culinary preferences aside) do you feel are typically Italian?

My father is from southern Italy - from a town not far from Napoli - and so I think I share some of his excitable, passionate, stormy nature. Family is important to me like it is for most Italians and I love everyone to be gathered round a table eating together and having "shouty" conversations. I'm also quite fond of hooting my car horn when people are driving badly. No one ever seems to hoot here in NZ (why bother having a car horn if you're not going to use it?)

        The characters in your novels are Italians living in Italy – sometimes in the UK. Now that you have been living in NZ for a while, can you imagine writing also about Italians in NZ?

For some reason I find it easier to write about places when I don't live in them. I've spent quite a lot of time in Italy over the years - particularly during my childhood - and being away from it sort of helps me distill its essence a little more. The same goes for London where many of my novels are also partly set. So no plans to set any stories in New Zealand at the moment.

        Do you think Italian and NZ cultures have things in common, and if so, which ones?

Love of food and the outdoors plus a passion for sport would be things we have in common. The part of Italian culture I wish we would adopt is the passeggiata - that evening stroll when you stop and chat to friends and neighbours and perhaps pause for a drink and some little snacks. I think it's so civilsed. Here we tend to socialise inside our homes more and I like that idea of being out in the world and part of a community.

        What is your favourite restaurant in Italy and can you recommend some hidden gems there that are off the beaten track?.

My favourite place in Italy to eat is my aunt Peppina's place. She is an incredible cook and it wouldn't matter if two people turned up for dinner or 20, she would still produce something beautiful and bursting with flavour. Last time I was there though was to research my new novel One Summer In Venice and I had a couple of weeks alone in Venice, visting bacari and  living on cicchetti and tasting local specialities like bigoli in salsa and sarde en soar. My favourite cicchetti places were All'Arco and Pronto Pesce near the Rialto market. And Alla Vedova which is famous for its polpette. There's a great guide to eating out there called Venice Osterie by Michela Scibilia that I used a lot to find some of the quieter, off-the-beaten track places.

 About the book 

The incredible Nicky Pellegrino returns with yet another delicious novel, this time immersing the reader in Venice. One Summer in Venice (ISBN 9781409159452) is set in the tangled maze of canals, bridges and piazzas that make up this romantic Italian city. Addolorata Martinelli sets herself a goal to find the ten things that could be the key to her happiness. Nicky was born in Liverpool but spent summers staying with her family in Italy. It is her memory of those summers that flavour her stories: the passions, the feuds but most of all the foods. Now living in New Zealand, working as a journalist, Nicky hordes her holidays so that she and her husband can return to see family, eat mozzarella and research her books.

Nicky will be doing two evening events at the Leys Institute in Ponsonby. Don’t miss the opportunity to see her in person talk about One Summer in Venice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First film of the Embassy of Italy Film Series: FREE!!!

April 10, 6 pm, University of Auckland Arts 1 Building, Level 2, Room 220.
ITALIAN MOVIES by Matteo Pellegrini (2013, 99 minutes)
(In Italian with English subtitles)
One night in the television studios where a popular television series is produced, the cleaning crew, all immigrants, discover that the armoured door of the room where the camera is kept is open.  One of them, Dilip, decides to “borrow” the camera and film his friend’s wedding.  Soon the fun escalates and one by one, each of the crew takes the camera and uses it more and more. Contrary to the soaps shot during the day, the night crew shoots real life stories at night.

About the Embassy Film Series
The Dante Alighieri Society and the Italian Programme of the University of Auckland are excited to present a series of recent Italian films, provided by the Italian Embassy. The films, in Italian with English subtitles will be screened from April to September at the University of Auckland, Arts 1, Lecture Theatre 220 at 6pm. Entry is free of charge.
La rassegna é presentata dall’Italian Programme dell’ Universitá di Auckland in collaborazione con la Dante Alighieri. I film verranno proiettati all’Universitá di Auckland, Arts 1, Lecture Theatre 220, alle ore 18.00. Entrata gratis. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pizza Festival 2015

From June 22 to July 5 2015, Naples will host the international Pizza festival.
The Pizza festival is the first major global event that enhances the Neapolitan pizza in the place where it originated from. Visitors and locals will have the chance to taste pizzas of various types and shapes.

The Festival will no longer be held in a single location, but it takes place in hundreds of pizzerias in the world: from Naples to New York, from Sao Paulo to Tokyo. The pizzerias identified by the logo of the True Neapolitan Pizza are organising various events so let us know if something is also happening in Auckland!

For more info click here (English)
or here (Italiano)